Notice Board
Principal's Desk


Dr. Arifa Sultana


Rajnagar Mahavidyalaya


"Message from the T.I.C"

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome all the students of Rajnagar Mahavidyalaya and also take this opportunity to thank all the parents who reposed their faith on our college. This college situated in the heart of Rajnagar Block and has a historical importance in itself. Impart of this, I am extremely proud of being a part of this college. I also feel proud to acknowledge that, we have with us dedicated, highly qualified, dynamic faculty who open the doors for the students but at the same time expect them to enter it by themselves. We mould our students to be self-confident, hardworking and pragmatic such that when they enter in life after their studies, they can face various challenges with honesty and courage for a better human being. We are well known about the fact that India has a rich culture, values and heritage. Through our teaching-learning process we always try to impart all those culture and values which is an urgent need of this society. This college always tries its best to maintain the highest quality academic standard and provide the wonderful environment for studies.

I wish our students all success in their endeavors.